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Truck Mounted Concrete Pumps with Placing Booms

KVM 24-4 H
KVM 24-4 H The most economical construction machine is the one that can be used continuously. Therefore it should be rugged, reliable and above all suitable for universal applications.
With the KVM 24-4H Schwing has designed a device which is superior to all comparable placing booms in all working ranges.
Working Ranges

S 31 HT
The S 31 HT truck-pump with the short and compact boom has been specially designed for 'indoor' work where headroom is a prime factor. Despite it's mini fold-out height the S 31 HT telescopes out into the range of the 31m class
Working Ranges


The Schwing KVM 32 XL was developed to operate any size jobsite with a maximum of efficiency, reliability and lowest operational cost.
Fast set-up and proven reliability make this unit ideal for most pump applications requiring fast set-up with X-style outriggers.

Working Ranges

KVM 34 X
The KVM 34 X is the all round boom length that serves residential and commercial jobs with maneuverability, easy set up and plenty of reach to get the job done.
With the KVM 34 X you have the latest technology and all the time saving performance features that Schwing has to offer.
Working Ranges

KVM 39 X
The KVM 39 X is the longest boom reach available on a three axle truck. The 39 metre boom lenght is efficient and maneuverable, ideal for concrete pumpers, ready-mix producers and concrete contractors.
A well balanced unit that offers easy compact set-up in crowded conditions and stability for maximum reach.
Working Ranges

S 42 SX
The S42 SX provides coordination of load moment, structural weight and stabilising width - vital factors in determining onsite space requirements for large boom truck-mounted concrete pumps.
Working Ranges

S 45 SX
No other concrete pump in history combines so many innovative features.
The S 45 SX employs engineering techniques thoroughly field-tested to bring increased pumping performance and smoothness with lower noise levels, higher volume and higher profits for pump owners.
Working Ranges

KVM 52
With more than 150 units operating worldwide the KVM 52 is surely the most successful super-boom ever.
The reach of our 4-section 52 meter boom allows versatility for single set-up and efficient placement on highrise and flatwork. The KVM 52 is mounted on a three steering axle chassis for maneuverability.
Working Ranges

S 58 SX
The S 58 SX is a brand new design integrating Super-X curved outriggers and proven Schwing features that result in long-term profitable performance.
Engineered to set up quickly, run smoothly and travel without difficulty the S 58 SX can be dispatched with the ease of smaller pumps.
Working Ranges