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Schwing Sludge Pump Technology

Schwing sludge pumps are an essential feature of the new pump generation. With 30 years of experience Schwing sludge pumps can pump almost everything. In either the chemical industry, in the mining industry, in clarification plants or in the food industry Schwing offers a comprehensive program of feeder devices, delivery pipelines as well as measuring and control engineering for all fields of application.

Features and developments include:
  • Introduction of three standard pump series for low (60 bar), medium (90 bar) and high (up to 150 bar) delivery pressure.
  • Expansion of the model range to 9 different types,
    each having four versions:
    1. with delivery cylinders positioned next to one another
    2. with cylinders positioned above one another -V-,
    3. with the SCHWING poppet valve control system,
    4. with the SCHWING Rock valve -R-.
  • Delivery capacities from 0.1 cub.m/hr to 200 cub.m/hr with abrasive and aggressive media.
  • Expansion of the drive unit line from 5.5 kW (40 l/min) to 3 x 200 kW (3 x 400 l/min), alternatively with manual adjustment or electrical remote adjustment of the output.
  • All pump models are available with the poppet valve design best- suited for compressable, mechanically drained sludge with hydraulic single-circuit control; and for sludges containing coarse foreign particles with the SCHWING Rock valve.
  • Retention of the hydrostatic drive, proven 20,000 times over and of the concept specially developed for industrial and sewage sludge.
  • Expansion of the delivery range of accessories and of the feeding devices from hoppers, hoppers with agitator, double feed screws, up to 400 cub. m. silos with integrated sludge pumps, G-Dos system (sliding film dosing) as well as VIP system (for measuring throughput and monitoring), and complete operational sequence control systems.
  • Expansion of the areas of application for long distances.
  • Improvement of electrical output adjustment to a standard restart precision of better than +or- 0.3%.
  • Introduction of a single cylinder piston pump in 2 versions. As reliable and wear resisting as the twin-cylinder pump, with poppet valve control system, for simple transport tasks.
  • Improvement of valve sealing in order to increase the service life to up to 30,000 operating hours